Tikkun Healing Center Ayahuasca Retreat


Also known as Los Ninos and magic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms are fungi with psychotropic properties. Magic mushrooms have been used in ceremonial settings for thousands of years and are an important part of the psychedelic renaissance happening today. While medical researchers explore the benefits of this powerful medicine, psilocybin journeys are becoming more accepted as a safe and effective way for people to connect with the mystical and find relief from serious addictions, PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders.

Psilocybin often serves as a starting point for people who have yet to try psychedelic medicines, as it can be very effective in low to moderate doses. A psilocybin ceremony will take you on an inner journey that will help expand your consciousness and connect you with a greater sense of awe, creativity, joy, and love. Similar to other psychedelic plant medicines, psilocybin helps create neuroplasticity, giving you the opportunity to choose new behaviors stemming from kindness and self love in the days and weeks that follow the ceremony. 

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August 20, 2024 Women’s Psilocybin Ceremony (by invite only) With Jacquelyn Myrin
  • $600.00 – Energy Exchange
$600.00 Open