Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreat Guide (What To Expect)


Ayahuasca, a potent plant-based brew from the Amazon rainforest, has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for spiritual and therapeutic purposes. In recent years, it has gained significant attention from Westerners seeking alternative healing modalities and personal growth. Ayahuasca ceremonies, led by skilled shamans or experienced facilitators, provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore the depths of their consciousness and access profound insights.

Weekend Ayahuasca Retreat

Our weekend retreat is designed to facilitate your deep healing and personal transformation. 

The retreat provides an incredibly safe, loving container for you to go on a journey of self-discovery and includes two ayahuasca ceremonies and morning integration circles led by our plant medicine facilitators.  

What Should You Expect From An Ayahuasca Retreat?

The ayahuasca ceremonies take place Friday and Saturday evening, and an optional cleansing Kambo ceremony may be offered on Saturday morning (for an additional fee, when available) at the same time as a gentle Yoga class. The breathwork session on Saturday afternoon is another powerful way to integrate the night before, and there’s plenty of time set aside for you to rest and recover before the second ceremony. Sunday morning is another time for peaceful self-reflection, whether you choose to journal or explore the grounds, and you’ll have time to speak with the facilitators and fellow participants before you depart. 

What Are The Ceremony Grounds Like?

Our healing center was built specifically for plant medicine retreats and is located on an idyllic property that offers you the opportunity to connect with nature while you heal and come home to yourself. All of the meals are vegan, plant-medicine friendly, and beautifully presented. A large breakfast will be served on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be healthy snacks and drinks available after each ceremony. 

What Should You Bring To A Retreat?

Please bring your own pillow and blanket for the ceremonies, a water bottle filled with spring water, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, toiletries, and a bath towel. Comfortable private and shared rooms with brand-new beds and linen can be booked as an alternative to sleeping in the ceremony space if you would like to have more privacy. Please arrive at least one hour before the scheduled ceremony start time on Friday so you have plenty of time to check in, meet the facilitators, and sign the waiver and consent forms. 

Tikkun Ayahuasca Ceremony Schedule


Please arrive at Tikkun between 5:00-6:00 pm. You’ll be given a tour of the retreat center upon arrival and be shown to your room if you’ve booked private accommodations. Once you check-in and meet the facilitators, you’ll be given consent and waiver forms to review and sign. We will gather as a group in the ceremony space at 7:00 pm. Please bring your water bottle, pillow, and blanket with you. The facilitators will discuss the retreat schedule and rules and address any questions or concerns you may have before the first ceremony begins. 


A healthy vegan breakfast will be served the morning after the first ceremony, followed by a Yoga class. (Please do not eat breakfast if you plan on participating in the Kambo ceremony.) We will then meet as a group for an integration circle with the retreat facilitators, and every participant will have the opportunity to share and discuss their experience. 

A breathwork journey will take place in the afternoon, followed by a light vegan lunch. There will be leisure time to journal, meditate, and rest before the second ceremony, and the facilitators will be available throughout the day if you wish to speak with them privately. We will gather as a group in the ceremony space at 7:00 pm for the second ceremony. Please bring your water bottle, pillow, and blanket with you. 


A healthy vegan breakfast will be served the morning after the second ceremony, followed by a group integration circle with the retreat facilitators. There will be plenty of time for conversation to honor your healing work. Please be sure to gather your belongings before you depart and return to the world in a  more rejuvenated and aligned energy. 

Attend An Ayahuasca Ceremony At Tikkun Healing Center

If you are interested in attending an ayahuasca ceremony, it’s important to do research and be prepared. You can sign up for a retreat at Tikkun Healing Center by filling out our pre-qualification form by visiting our retreats page.

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