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Welcome to Tikkun Healing Center, a spritual sanctuary where you can find peace, clarity, and healing through the ancient wisdom of Ayahuasca. Our spiritual center offers a unique and transformative experience, combining traditional ancient practices with modern techniques to help you on your journey toward self-discovery and healing.

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Ayahuasca is a powerful psychoactive tea traditionally used by indigenous Amazonian communities for centuries. It is made from a combination of two plants: the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the leaves of the Psychotria viridis, also known as Chacruna. When combined, these plants create a potent psychedelic brew that is known for its profound spiritual and healing properties.

Many people turn to Ayahuasca for a range of reasons, including healing from past traumas, gaining insight into life’s purpose, and seeking spiritual growth and transformation. It is important to approach Ayahuasca with reverence and caution, as it can be a challenging and intense experience. Safety and proper guidance during a ceremony are essential.

A retreat at Tikkun is an opportunity to do the deep inner work while receiving guidance and support throughout the entire process.You will be greeted by one of our facilitators or staff members upon arrival and shown into the main house. You will then be given a tour of the kitchen, living room, and pool area, and shown to your room if you’ve booked private accommodations. Once you’ve filled out and signed the intake membership paperwork, you will be directed to the ceremony space where you will be shown your mat for the ceremonies. 

Please arrive at Tikkun between 5:00-6:00 pm on the first day of the retreat. If you are flying in from out of town, please book flights that arrive at Palm Beach International Airport no later than 1:00 pm to ensure that you will be on time for the ceremonies. 

We will gather as a group in the ceremony space after the meet and greet to review the rules and safeguards for the ceremony before it begins. Each ceremony is unique and can last anywhere from 4-8 hours. Once your journey with the medicine is complete, you can go to sleep or help yourself to refreshments in the main house. 

The following day is designed to help you integrate and prepare for the second ceremony and includes breakfast and lunch, an integration circle, a gentle yoga class, and a transformational breathwork ceremony. We will conclude the retreat with breakfast and a second integration circle the next day to honor the deep inner work you’ve done. 

The retreat is a powerful container for personal transformation and deep spiritual healing. It is empowering to approach this experience with an open mind and a willingness to grow, because you will get what you put in. On the other side of a retreat people often feel lighter, more at peace, and have a renewed sense of trust in life. 

The process of signing up for an Ayahuasca retreat involves a medical screening and intake phone call to ensure that you can safely participate as a member in a ceremony or multiple ceremonies. The first step is to fill out a form under the offering section on our website, letting us know which dates you’re interested in and how you heard about us (there is no charge or deposit due until after you are approved). 

One of our facilitators will reach out to you for a phone conversation to get a better understanding of why you’d like to join and to check if you are medically able to participate, as there are certain drugs, medications, and physical and mental health conditions that do not interact safely with Ayahuasca. Once you have been cleared for membership and and pay the deposit for a retreat, you will be sent the Ayahuasca dieta or diet, which is important to follow to physically prepare yourself for the ceremonies.

Tikkun Healing Center is located in Loxahatchee Florida, on an idyllic 5 acre property nestled in the heart of Palm Beach County, 25 minutes away from Palm Beach International Airport.

Our Ayahuasca retreats are held on weekends, beginning early Friday evening and ending midday on Sunday. We also offer one night Ayahuasca ceremonies during the week as an alternative for people who may not be able to commit to an entire weekend. Check our offerings for an updated calendar of events, and reach out to us if you would like to request specific dates. 

The cost of a retreat varies depending on the sleeping accommodations you choose. A retreat with accommodations in the ceremony area is $1,400 (sliding scale and payment plans are available to those in need). A shared room outside of the ceremony space is $1,900, and a private room is $2,400. The retreat cost includes accommodations for two ayahuasca ceremonies (we do not charge for the ayahuasca sacrament, a donation will be made on your behalf for participation), two integration circles, yoga, breathwork, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Keep in mind that additional offerings such as Kambo are not included in the retreat price and will incur an additional fee. 

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