Tikkun Healing Center Ayahuasca Retreat

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  • $600.00 – Energy Exchange

Women’s Psilocybin Ceremony (by invite only)

With Jacquelyn Myrin

August 20, 2024


Jacquelyn Myrin
Jacquelyn Myrin is an energy healer, plant medicine practitioner, yoga teacher, and co-founder of the Tikkun healing center. She was introduced to Ayahuasca and the world of plant medicine through her husband, Alex. Jacquelyn was inspired to explore the inner work thanks to his example, which led to a profound healing experience with Ayahuasca that changed everything. Her intention is to be of service to others by helping them connect to their own inner wisdom as they heal and learn self-love. She believes that all roads lead back to the heart and encourages those feeling the call to try plant…
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